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Our liberties are ingrained in our clay soils; reflected in our farms and back roads; silently speaking with the rising and setting Vermont sun. Celebrating Vermont’s freedoms — and historic unity — is impossible without celebrating our shared cultural history in a positive and honest way. So much evil is being said about Vermonters and their past — let us here celebrate those good things we can still show the world, and ourselves.

Like any marginalized group, we Vermonters must gather in “safe spaces” — like hunting, or fishing, or gathering in a deep swamp where we are permitted to whisper together like free people, safe from our rulers.

This site is dedicated to informing Vermonters about the laws that affect them, including discussions about the application of the Bill of Rights today in areas such as masks, vaccines, free speech, the taking of property, the limitation of travel and assembly, or the right against self-incrimination.

It’s also about celebrating our liberties, our Vermont heritage, and our culture.

We Vermonters are one of the most tolerant societies on earth, and we have close ties to our lands and horizons which help make it so. We must embrace and encourage those who now move here from New York or New jersey, Massachusetts or Connecticut, to learn about and share in our culture.

A Discussion of Free Speech Laws

“They tell us white silence is violence, but if we say anything that disagrees with their ideology we are silenced.”

John Klar

Free Speech

Even before COVID struck, Vermont’s Free Speech liberties were being shredded. Middlebury College embarrassed our state, and BLM flags dominated our schools and public buildings. COVID has been used to amplify these restrictions, even while highlighting abuses by the Vermont media. There is no free country without a free press!


Houses of worship have been compromised by COVID, with little if any government sympathy. What are the First Amendment rights of Americans, and how should Vermont’s spiritual leaders best navigate this stressful course?

Due Process

The rights of Due Process have wide application today. Vigilance requires that government be held accountable, which is impossible without fair processes to publicly challenge government. Any government action which restricts or takes life, liberty or property must afford citizens a “process” for appeal.


During COVID, our well-recognized Constitutional rights to assembly have been repeatedly compromised, without adequate justification, or using arbitrary and capricious means.

Second Amendment

As millions of Americans buy firearms to protect themselves during COVID, the ranks of responsible gun owners continues to grow. A proper education not only of gun safety, but of gun laws, is an imperative for American citizenship in these unstable times.

Vermonters have watched their gun rights assaulted consistently. What does the Supreme Court say about the Second Amendment that has relevance today? How are the First and Fifth Amendments being abused to deprive Vermonters of their Second Amendment protections, and how can citizens invoke their First and Fifth Amendment rights to protect their Second Amendment rights?


Americans have rights to bodily integrity that include forced vaccinations. Constitutional standards exist that are being ignored, and liberty is threatened. What standards will be applied in Vermont?

Celebrating Vermont’s Constitutional and Cultural History!

Nothing’s Sweeter Than Vermont Liberty!


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