(Ideological) Science is Real!

The supposedly rationalist mantra of the secular Left, displayed on yard signs and media posts, that “science is real” begs the question.  Science itself is morphing into an ideological magic show, where facts are twisted (or simply ignored) in favor of preconceived conclusions themselves embraced very unscientifically.  Real science is real — but fake ideological claims feigning scientific bona fides are now all too real.

The bizarre politicization of COVID offers the most recent example.  Condemning the naming of the virus based upon its geographic origin was a boldly partisan move — “real science” has done this routinely for years.  Instantly, America was split politically over a disease — where was the real science to bind us?  Where was the real science behind shut-downs, restrictions on speech and worship liberties, providing vaccines to young blacks (low risk, scientifically) in priority to old whites (scientifically at very high risk)? And what in this surreal world is the “scientific” justification to divide Americans into the vaccinated versus the unvaccinated for travel and other rights? — both groups can spread the virus with equal ease.  Or so the science tells us.

Excluding Scientific data from consideration

Where is the “science” in renewable energy programs?  How is it scientific to estimate future reductions in CO2 emissions by excluding the costs of CO2 and ancillary pollutants generated in the manufacturing, transport, installation, and disposal of solar panels?  Scientifically, rooftop solar applications are the most expensive (financially and environmentally), and do not eliminate the need for a grid. Scientifically, Vermont is one of the worst states in the nation to go solar, it has so little sun — but it leads the renewable energy charge, in the name of “real science.”

Similar avoidance of real science obtains to the EV Car program.  However, what both of these “programs” offer is huge expansion of government, real suffering for the poor due to regressive regulatory structures, gargantuan profits for the renewables industry, and a false sense of moral accomplishment in proponents.  These are ideological, political goals being achieved at the expense of (while in the name of) “real science.”  This makes them triply scientifically suspect.

Perverting Statistics on race

How about racial justice?  Just as the Progressives in Vermont have deliberately manipulated race statistics to falsely slander police forces as overt racists, they have abused “real science” to now claim that disparities in wealth and land ownership between blacks and whites in Vermont were caused by historic systemic racism.  In fact, large numbers of impoverished blacks have moved to Vermont recently and now their poverty is being manipulated to fault Vermonters.  This is not “real science” — it is a pathetic, deliberate perversion of statistical science to justify a hateful, ideologically pre-sought goal.

Remembering the “Science” of Eugenics, and Lobotomies

This examples of “abuse of science for ideological power” extends to most of the boondoggle ideological folly that Vermont’s progressives have imposed on the citizenry in the name of enlightened science, reminiscent of their previous efforts during the eugenics effort, and as ardent proponents of (scientific!) “liberating” lobotomies.  (What is the “real science” about children who surgically alter their genders but wish later in life to revert? — that is some “real science” that the Left stifles as scientific arsenic to their fallacious ideology.) This abuse of science has been unfolding for some time in the secular world, where numerous “scientific truths” are embraced — using ideological faith.

If only the secular New-Left could pause in its re-creation of the intellectual universe, to contrast some “real science” with its theoretical assertions.  In that laboratory analysis, many of its vapid assertions are DOA: “Dead On Arrival.”

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