The COVID Vaccination Card and the “Mark of the Beast”

Proposals abound requiring citizens to prove they are free of COVID-19 to travel or buy goods, perhaps using a card, or a chip. Vermont has said refusal to be tested will be regarded as a presumed positive test, and reported as COVID… “in line with other states.” Some Christians call the COVID-19 vaccine “the mark of the beast.”  Travel-card proposals raise the same question — what is “the mark of the beast”?

The phrase is taken verbatim from Chapter 13 (Verses 16-18) of the Book of Revelation. Biblical scholars have generally tried to minimize interpretive license with this passage because it is so easily abused. This futuristic text predicts a “beast” will threaten complete totalitarian domination, targeting Christian believers.

Secular America mocks evangelists who point to the vaccine (or the immunization card) as “the mark.” But whether or not a COVID registration card fulfills biblical prophecy, that mark is indeed the sign of totalitarian domination. The language of Orwell, or Mao, or Huxley, might better be employed to describe the effects of such a requirement than Christian eschatology.

The technology is already there for our Brave “New-normal” COVID-ID World:

….a coalition of public and private entities are reportedly collaborating to launch CommonPass, “a trusted, globally-interoperable platform for people to document their COVID-19 status (health declarations/PCR tests/vaccinations) to satisfy country entry requirements while protecting their health data privacy.” IBM has also created its Digital Health Pass, which is designed to provide organizations with a way to bring people back into workplaces, schools, stadiums, and flights.

China employs similar tracking now, with social credits:

“Once discredited, limited everywhere” is the message China’s government announced in a report, released in early March, to the 23 million citizens it had banned from purchasing plane or train tickets the previous year. These citizens, the government declared, had proven themselves to be “untrustworthy”…. As a result, their freedom of movement has been revoked…. [T]he government is aiming for [its full social credit programme] to be fully operational and compulsory for all 1.4 billion Chinese citizens by next year…. It forces them to adhere to a system of morality imposed by the political ruling party….

The Biden administration’s sweeping implementation of edicts through executive orders threatens to increase American surveillance, using the same technological implements as China:

Stay-at-home orders, lockdowns and social isolation have meant that we rely on Silicon Valley companies to conduct basic life functions more than ever before. We order online from Amazon rather than shop; we conduct meetings online rather than meet in offices; we use Google constantly to navigate and communicate; we rely on social media more than ever to receive information about the world. And exactly as a weakened population’s dependence on them has increased to unprecedented levels, their wealth and power has reached all new heights, as has their willingness to control and censor information and debate.

One commentator coined the term “surveillance capitalists” to describe this escalating techno-tyranny:

….surveillance capitalists learned that the most predictive data come not just from monitoring but also from modifying and directing behavior. For example, by 2013, Facebook had learned how to engineer subliminal cues on its pages to shape users’ real-world actions and feelings. Later, these methods were combined with real-time emotional analyses, allowing marketers to cue behavior at the moment of maximum vulnerability. Democracy slept while surveillance capitalism flourished. As a result, surveillance capitalists now wield a uniquely 21st century quality of power, as unprecedented as totalitarianism was nearly a century ago.

This shift to cowed China-like compliance expanded following the 911 attacks, as Orwellian fear of unseen terrorists created “maximum vulnerability” for submission:

….the Corporate State has taken to monitoring all aspects of our lives, from cell-phone calls and e-mails to Internet activity and credit-card transactions. Much of this data is being fed through fusion centers across the country, which work with the Department of Homeland Security to make threat assessments on every citizen, including school children.

The purpose of a vaccination registration card must be questioned, when vaccination does not prevent transmission. There is no logical basis to track citizens for disparate treatment, yet some states are already doing so.

Scriptures aside, the blind secular rush to submit to complete COVID domination reflects a sacrifice of hundreds of years of Constitutional law and fundamental liberties on the fear-filled altar of COVID. Those who trust the government (pharmaceutical industry) to save (inoculate) them, seek a dubious savior indeed.

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