The (Real) Doxxing of Vermonters

I recently wrote a commentary about a schoolteacher in Irasburg who played the crybaby victim when his public email was made public. The whining about “being doxxed” served to shift attention away from the real issue — that the teacher was indoctrinating children into social justice ideology by leading them to choose gender pronouns in school. 

A contrasting case reveals just how absurd this far-left squawking really is. Back in January, when some Trump supporters from Vermont traveled to the Capitol, a woman named Jennifer Reed posted supportive social media comments. In retaliation, one Rose Alexandre-Leach, a self-appointed Grand Wizard of the SJW thug ideology, decided to take action against Jennifer — by attacking her employers and livelihood

First, Alexandre-Leach attacked Mrs. Reed’s employer, a veterinary clinic in Addison County. The veterinarians did not post the allegedly offensive content, yet they became the targets of a group led by Rose, who wrote to them on facebook:

Hi Is this the front desk? I’m not sure who the best person to reach out to is, but I wanted to give you all a heads up that your office [sic] assistance Jennifer Reed, is posting publicly supporting violence at the capital, taking up arms against the government. I can send you all screenshots if you like. Is there a good person to let know at the vet clinic? I don’t want to just post it on the vet office public page or anything without checking in personally first. Thanks so much, Rose.

Note the shallow threat to post this “damning” info on the employer’s website unless they discharge Jennifer. Rose followed up with another taunt:

Hi all, Rose here. I reached out about one of your employees posts yesterday. I just wanted to screenshot the actual posts just in case you hadn’t seen them. I understand that you want to support your employee, but I urge you to reconsider. Thanks very much,


In response, this innocent business (whose owners may well be Democrats!) hired legal counsel, shut down their facebook and business pages, and experienced profound stress. The malicious thuggery of Alexandre-Leach extended also to Jennifer’s other publishing and business contacts, as a gloating Rose later posted:

Update in case anyone is curious: No word from Jennifer’s publishers yet, I’m going to follow up in a few days. [Veterinary Business Name] wrote back at 3AM last night and seem to have deleted both their facebook and their regular website. Jennifer also deleted her facebook and author’s site. The vets office replied that “they do not feel her posts in any way describe what you allege, however your posts clearly are a form of harassment, bullying and defamation” and then informed me that JenJen has reported me to the state police in New Haven.

No shame: but plenty of malicious intent, against an employer innocent of any wrongdoing or involvement. (I have not shared Rose’s email address, though I possess it: I believe it is private).  

Becca Balint’s Silly Hypocrisy

Consider in contrast the shameless attacks by Senator Balint against Senator Russ Ingalls, for the “crime” of concern for an upset child who a “woke” teacher perceives is his sole jurisdiction. This is hardly doxxing: trans-teacher Sam Carbonetti’s facebook page is alive and well — and he is being supported in his job by fellow ideologues who care not for children’s psyches or parents’ opinions. The ideologues circled wagons to perpetuate his abuse of children, and prevent his being held accountable! Let us balance the impact on children of this teacher’s conduct against the “crime” of revealing his already-revealed email address. Note how accountability is ducked by shifting blame to the blameless. 

Will more crocodile tears dribble now, from the face of Becca Balint? She may claim she didn’t know about Jennifer Reed, and she likely doesn’t. But there are many such victims — I talk to them, regularly. People whose decades’ long careers (and pensions!) have been threatened for a single facebook comment (in one case, objecting to transgender surgery for minor children). Perhaps Becca Balint’s ignorance of these innumerable and increasing instances of malicious doxxing would be her defense. 

Only, Senator Balint is far from ignorant — is she not demonstrating the exact same behavior, contorting facts to discredit and attack a fellow Senator, for political reasons? But more, is she unaware of her own constituents who have been attacked this way? No she is not — and through her steroidal attack against Russ Ingalls, she has invited scrutiny of her own backyard. Allow me to share more facts to rebut this endless stream of left-wing dishonesty.

Last year, prior to the election, many Trump supporters drove in convoys around the state to rally conservative supporters. One such convoy passed in front of a Putney family’s home, and their son videotaped it, thought it was amusing, and posted it on social media. Within hours (as with Balint’s launch against Ingalls), the family was attacked viciously. The social media post, and business page, were taken down, but screenshots had been saved, and there was malicious attacking yet to be done.

The family’s home business was targeted ruthlessly. Multiple drones hovered above; out-of-state plates adorned intimidating cars that parked menacingly at their home; vandals intruded on the property at all hours. The family closed their farming business, sold off thousands of dollars’ worth of recently-acquired assets at a loss, liquidated their inventory, and is selling their property and leaving the state — though lifelong native Vermonters. Their crime? Their kid posted a picture containing a Putney-banned flag. The son (a minor) has been traumatized.

Becca Balint knows exactly whom I’m talking about. She also knows this family was targeted previously for daring to display a “Klar for Governor” sign, and that all those signs were taken down in fear. Does she know that the Town of Putney has an “Equity and Inclusion Committee” that openly called me a racist (with zero evidence — slander, not doxxing), and discusses banning certain political affiliations (i.e, Republican) from Putney? This is ideological monopolization, and it is unconstitutional as well as unconscionable. And like the matter with “victim” Carbonetti and impacted children, it is turned upside down so that the aggressors play victim while victimizing others.

Carbonetti’s occupation, and family, and facebook account, are all well and thriving after the withering “doxxing” of sharing his public email address with the public. (Wouldn’t most teachers invite the dissemination of their contact info, and invite feedback from parents?). Unlike Vermonters suffering from actual doxxing, the trans-pronoun virtue-signalling schoolteacher has been sheltered with support from all quarters. Here we see an effort, supported by the liberal media and progressive Superintendent, to silence the conversation and exclude parents from having an opinion. It is the parents who ask questions that are the problem, we are told. They are “McCarthyites who must be silenced.” Similarly, School Superintendent Penny Chamberlin learned of a teacher conditioning young children to use gender pronouns, and that a parent and child objected, and responded by denouncing Senator Ingalls for “bashing people on social media,” then stated “I am not interested in keeping this thread going with the media.” Of course not: this thread is dead; children will be conditioned as the bureaucrats deem fit. We see who works for whom: there has been no doxxing of the SJW teacher unleashed on children in Irasburg; just gaslighting from the Alisnky playbook. 

The problem is not McCarthyite parents who ask reasonable questions, but representatives who abuse their position, and public trust, by lying about the facts, redefining terms, gaslighting anyone who stirs to think, and scapegoating anyone who stands in defiance. It is the self-righteous Becca Balint and Sam Carbonetti who must reexamine how they interact with constituents. Parents are going to keep this thread going.

The Horrid Real Attacks on Vermonters

There are many families who have been forced out of jobs, homes and the state of Vermont due to left-wing thuggery, and their stories will slowly be publicized. Mrs. Balint can help: she already knows many of them, and has not lifted a pinky — let alone her voice — to rescue them from conduct exponentially more pernicious than the nondoxxing experienced by CryBaby Sam. Perhaps she will draft some laws or rules, to reign in actual doxxing, before fantasizing about criminalizing a Senator’s reasonable effort to educate his constituents about alarming progressive policies in their school system.

Senator Russ Ingalls has done a good job as whistleblower, not doxxer — we are getting educated properly about the partisan malice towards parents in our school administrations, media, and elected officials. They are determined to shape our children into progressive proles, and they will not allow parents, wounded children, elected representatives, the constitution, the truth — or even an honest definition of doxxing — to interfere with their totalitarian plans. The schools believe they should “tell their story” using social media. For anyone who has a different tale to tell, social media and public contact of public servants is verboten…..

In a recent article, Senator Balint decried “the manufactured crisis around the bugaboo of “critical race theory….” Vermonters see that CRT is no bugaboo (or “bogeyman,” as she also called it), but alive and well in grade school classrooms — while teachers and progressives try to lie and conceal this obvious truth. Now Vermonters witness Senator Balint manufacture her bugaboo of “new Senate rules to prohibit Senators from distributing the email addresses of teachers.”

When so-called leaders and servants tell you not to pay any attention to that man behind the curtain who is pulling the levers controlling children’s lives, that’s a pretty good indication that citizens had better start looking harder, and holding elected public officials to account — not pass more rules to ensure they can’t be challenged.

Vermonters are tiring of being lied to, and about. Senator Becca Balint ought to consider falling on her sword and resigning: her conduct is abhorrent. (And her email is [email protected]).

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