Seven Days Propaganda: Slander v. Truth

In times of confusion about “science” and the law, a reliable media with integrity is vitally important. Seven Days has publicly demonstrated that it is the opposite of a journalistic entity, by its laughably unintelligent hit-job effort against Chelsea Green Publishing to discredit a very reasonable and important book about COVID-19. Nothing should more motivate people to be distrustful of the official government story about COVID than the dishonest malarkey printed by Seven Days.

People often marvel that “good Germans” could support the abominations of Nazism. Hitler employed Joseph Goebbels as his chief of propaganda, commissioned to present “a favourable image of the Nazi regime to the German people” which eventually “played a decisive role in converting the masses to Nazism.” If the suggestion that Seven Days is acting like a modern Goebbels in Vermont seems controversial (as intended), please read on as I make my case.

The Rule of Law and COVID

Constitutional law requires government to demonstrate a “compelling governmental interest” (subject to a burden of “strict scrutiny”) in order to infringe upon fundamental liberties such as those being compromised by COVID (assembly, worship, free speech, travel, bodily integrity, work, discrimination, due process). Seven Days is overtly assisting the pharmaceutical industry and government to undermine protected rights by opposing any effort to hold government to its burden (just as Nazi propagandists undermined free speech and controlled the media in order to manipulate the German people).

Any lawsuit challenging COVID restrictions legally “burdens” the government to prove what it is claiming about COVID-19. Lawyers for plaintiffs would use “science” (and medical experts, and studies) to challenge the government’s proof. Seven Days reverses this, seeking to eclipse any questioning of the government’s story — no matter how dishonest or absurd the Party Line. Using a disgruntled employee, personal attacks, and dismissive scorn, Seven Days’ smear effort (“Vermont Publishing House Chelsea Green is Peddling Coronavirus Misinformation”) seeks to silence any questioning of the official COVID story. 

The “Truth About COVID” Book

Let us consider the “legal case” (which requires assessing scientific facts, not dismissing such inquiry) for eliminating Vermonters’ rights, and what Seven Days would have its readers believe. The harsh attack on Chelsea Green’s book by Dr. Joseph Mercola is predicated chiefly on these complaints:

The book posits, among other things, that COVID-19 was engineered as a bioweapon, then leaked — deliberately, Mercola invites us to believe — from a poorly managed laboratory in Wuhan, China, then exploited by a cabal of global elites to strip us of our inalienable rights and render us all frightened and impotent…. He refers to the virus, cleverly, as a “biological trigger” that worsens preexisting conditions, such as obesity and chronic illnesses, which are themselves the result of the cheap processed foods with which Big Ag has contrived to sicken Americans.

The queer thing about this portrait of Mercola’s claims is the sensible questions it strives to dismiss:

  1. “COVID-19 engineered as a bioweapon, then leaked… from a poorly managed laboratory in Wuhan, China…”Vanity Fair exposed in great detail the origins of this virus, and that it was very likely developed under “gain-of-function” research in Wuhan. The Wall Street Journal credibly reported that the COVID-19 virus can only have been created in a laboratory.
  2. Worsening of pre-existing conditions caused by cheap processed foods.

The profit-driven “industries” that produce much American food are most definitely contributing to chronic disease including obesity, and make people (especially the poor) more vulnerable to all diseases, including COVID.

These claims by Dr. Mercola are common-sense concerns for many critically-thinking Americans. Are Vanity Fair and the Wall Street Journal also to be stifled by Seven Days? There appears to have been a deliberate lie of massive proportions about the origin of COVID-19 — if not by a “cabal of global elites,” then by a federal government co-opted by Big-Pharma “science.” Americans have been stripped of their inalienable rights, and rendered frightened and impotent.  

Seven Days Battles Against Free Thought

Seven Days’ hit piece deceptively seeks to downplay any loss of liberties, or that anxieties are being irrationally inflamed. As to impotency, the recent book Countdown, by Dr. Shann H. Swan, attributes the 50% drop in sperm levels of men over the last four decades to chemicals in their food and environment, and warns that “the modern world is on pace to become an infertile one.” (Countdown was published by Simon & Schuster, in case Seven Days wishes to attack that publisher’s owners personally.)

The Seven Days “article” seeking to discredit the book “The Truth About COVID-19” is more than anything a personal attack against Margo Baldwin at Chelsea Green Publishing. Endless innuendos are suggested, but the issues of freedom of speech evaporate as Chelsea Green is chastised for publishing opinions with which an ex-employee disagrees. But that is the irony — who is to be the gatekeeper of what is acceptable to write, or publish, or distribute? When government actors and the media seek to filter what Americans are free to read — even when told the truth that COVID was man-made and that industrial, chemical-laden foods are harmful — how can there be any hope of the survival of inalienable rights?

In court, the government must prove that its restraints on liberties are factually justifiable — but Seven Days would inhibit any “challenges” to the government and/or medical establishment. They are joined by other silencers. One bookseller wrote a Letter to the Editor, duly published by the self-serving Seven Days

Thank you for the in-depth exposé of the disinformation being sold by Chelsea Green Publishing…. We at Everyone’s Books in Brattleboro will not carry this book and will be very cautious in the future about all its books. As a bookseller who is committed to social justice and truth-telling, we never feel that level of extreme indifference to the fate of our readers that a board member quoted in your story seems to express…. The false information being pushed by Margo Baldwin, who clearly believes in the anti-science drivel in this book, is dangerous and has already caused deaths.

Nancy Braus


Interesting that Seven Days would endorse by publication an outlandish claim that “Margo Baldwin… has already caused deaths.” (Where is the science — proof — of that?). It also published a disgruntled ex-CGP employee’s letter stating:

Kudos to Seven Days for not just exposing the problematic book but for shedding a light on publisher Margo Baldwin’s insecure, narcissistic and bullying behaviors.

So much for facts, or journalism, or decency, at Seven Days. What does the publisher’s personality have to do with whether Dr. Mercola is correct that a better diet would boost the immune system against COVID, or that the virus was crafted via gain-of-function technology? Gossipy dirt is neither scientific, nor ethical. Seven Days would deprive Dr. Mercola the right to publish his opinions, and restrict Chelsea Green Publishing to tomes about fermentation and organic farming — subject to review and approval by sniveling short-term employees, of course. The fact that Seven Days stooped so low suggests there must be something there to investigate. (Please read Dr. Mercola’s book, and learn how to bolster your immune system by eating local organic foods and avoiding industrial toxins. Don’t permit Seven Days to murder you and your family with its obfuscations!)

Goebbels knew that “…his propaganda messages were limited by the rationale that ceaseless agitation only dulls the receptive powers of the listener.” At some point, a free-thinking people rebels against those who lie and oppress.

If Dr. Mercola is even partially correct, Seven Days is guilty of much more than a vicious personal slander against an individual. Vermonters should investigate thoroughly.   

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  1. We ordered Mercola’s book through Amazon over a month ago, but they never sent it. We ended up ordering directly from Chelsea Green. It’s a good book, like Dr. Mercola’s other books. This concerted censorship is very revealing about the dearth of rationalism and liberalism in our current society and especially among the ruling class.

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