Oh Xusana! Vermonters Told Racism Supersedes Climate Change!

Xusana Davis, Vermont’s newfangled “Executive Director of Racial Equity” has chosen to butt her head against an implacable wall: global warming.  The Executive Director invokes race as cause celebre for EVERY societal ill — she claims poor white Vermonters discriminated against (nonexistent) blacks when they transferred their (historically worthless) lands “intergenerationally.”  Now she claims Vermont’s acclaimed plan to save the planet through a Global Warming Solutions Council is white supremacist… because it sets a deadline!

Davis either doesn’t credit AOC’s ten-year life expectancy for the planet, or she just wants to rearrange the deck furniture on the Titanic for BIPOC people while hitting the climate-catastrophe iceberg full speed ahead.  Xusana appeared at a January hearing to demand that statutory mandatory carbon emission reduction timelines be extended to allow for racial tinkering:

Well, I’m going to say it, and you’re going to say, oh that’s not an option. But reconsider: Change the deadline. And I know what you’re thinking, this might require a long legislative process, or hey, but we set a date, and it’s what we wanted. 

But here’s the thing, though. If we really want to do something right and do it equitably, we’re not going to have to remain beholden to a timeline that we ourselves made up and can change. So I do urge you, if slowing down the process to perfect it will lead to equitable policies, then do that. Because that’s more important, I think, than the times we set for ourselves. 

It is unclear what policies Ms. Davis seeks delay to implement: perhaps she just wishes to hold Vermont hostage to climate annihilation long enough to “raise awareness” of the 4% of Vermont’s population that is BIPOC.  Though, with all the hoopla about systemic racism, and perverted statistics employed to slander Vermont’s entire law enforcement community as racist, Vermonters sure are woke and well aware of that 4% presence.  As with this incident, it has taken priority over all else (including sanity).

Vermont’s Global Warming Solutions Act is an unconstitutional, ineffectual  farce that grants huge powers to renewable energy interests at the expense of ALL taxpayers.  Using the race card to slow or stop the GWSA boondoggle is the best use of racism on behalf of Vermonters yet!  But, it creates a public friction within the social justice warrior camp — who shall they rescue first, the marginalized ecosystem, or marginalized BIPOC? 

Xusana sure doesn’t mince her volatile activist words when she’s laying out the white virtue-signalling climate warriors:

That’s the most polite way that I can put it. Because other folks will phrase it as follows: other folks will phrase it as, deadlines are a tool of white supremacy. I don’t usually refer to deadlines as the tools of white supremacy, but deadlines often do reinforce a white supremacy culture that prizes itself more on the process than equitable outcomes.” 

Xusana is always very polite when she says toxic things.  (Other folks would differently phrase how she talks as, like a racist opportunist on a power trip, but I don’t talk that way.  But such people do exist, or so I’m told….).

This revealing internecine conflict is a welcome exposé on the priorities that must be faced when diverting society’s resources en masse to conflicting “existential emergencies,” whether race, gender, or climate.  One can only hope that the intersectionality of these supposed causes forces more reality-checks. 

For instance, the racial justice warriors have already dissed the feminists (or, at least the non-intersectional white ones: lesbians, not so clear yet).  For a (white) woman to say “As a woman, I know what you go through as a racial minority,” is specifically labeled as an intolerable microaggression, because it is “a statement made when whites deny their racial biases.”  It’s just so comforting to be know that BIPOC people are not capable of racial bias, or accountable to anyone for any consciously racist thing they might unconsciously say….. Free at last!

While the black and white ladies work out their doublespeak (with lesbians, and don’t forget transgenders, and Indians, and Jews) over who claims the higher social justice authority, at least Xusana Davis will block the implementation of Vermont’s white supremacist process at the expense of equitable outcomes!  As a white (and Abenaki) Vermonter, I do not want Xusana Davis or anyone else to permit some looming planetary catastrophe to hinder the creation of a racial utopia in the Green Mountains for wronged BIPOC.

Oh Xusana, oh don’t comply for me!

(Published February 21, 2021 at American Thinker.)

Vermont “Inclusion and Belonging Department” Averts “White Gaze”

The racist power redistribution effort in Vermont is out in the open, but the discussions of its (BIPOC) strategists are not.  At one meeting in the ultra-progressive Vermont Mecca of Burlington, white people (including media and elected representatives) were dismissed from a “listening session for people of color.” 

Burlington’s “Racial Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging Department” is not interested in whether white people feel like they belong — its Director, Tyeastia Green, has been imported to Vermont (like the George Floyd incident) from Minnesota.  Activist blacks who have suffered urban oppression are in short supply in Vermont, so they are bussed in — Green was in Vermont for less than a year before implementing this “BIPOCs only” insult.

Another transplant agitator is Skylar Nash, who moved to Vermont from Chicago and decided to shamelessly shame its denizens about how their crushing racism destroyed him.  He and Green justified why their overtly racist meeting was “only open to community members of color”:

“If you have media in there, listening, it wouldn’t have allowed to create a safe space for people to have confidence that what’s going to be shared in those breakout rooms, and in that listening session, would stay among BIPOC people,” Nash said after the meeting, referring to Black, Indigenous and people of color…. “I would just continue to hope that members of the media as well as white community members, city workers, would really not take something like this as an affront or effort to hide something,” Nash said, “but really to provide a space that on a day to day basis is not readily available to BIPOC people in the city.” Green later told VTDigger the meeting was not closed off to the media, only to white members of the media. “It’s very important to have spaces that are designated just for us,” Green said. “We need our own space so we can engage with each other without the white gaze.” 

What if white Vermonters held “whites-only” meetings in safe spaces in opposition to systemic racism imported to Vermont from Chicago, Minneapolis, and other urban quagmires?  They might attract BIPOC gazes, but not government power and funding, as this cloaked group does.  This is plainly illegal.

The “Inclusion Department” name rings Orwellian, as does the elitist argument.  George Orwell put it in children’s terms so even backwoods white farmers would see it clearly: “All animals are equal, but some are more equal than others.”

Green wants to set a new standard for language (doublespeak?), as she doesn’t like the word “diversity.”  Her resource for these new initiatives?  She just made it up, and is developing it for the majority-white community by listening to BIPOC voices only:

She said the idea for a racial equity strategic plan came from her office when she entered the newly created position back in February. The plan will be developed from the information derived from the community listening sessions, Green said. There is no set timeline for completion of the plan.

These are carpetbagger plans.  They violate every sense of the words civil, Constitutional, equitable, representative, and American.  They are particularly noxious to Vermont, the first state to ban slavery, the first state to admit a black man to college, and the only state to elect a BIPOC American to a state legislature before the Civil War (to which it participated with extraordinary valor and sacrifice).  

In his prophetic The Demon in Democracy: Totalitarian Temptations in Free Societies., Professor Ryszard Legutko observes that people like Green and Nash develop a certain type of mentality:

In one sense, this person may think that he performs something particularly valuable to humanity; in another, the situation helps him to develop a sense of power otherwise unavailable to him; and in a third, he often cannot resist the temptation to indulge in a low desire to harm others with impunity. (p. 103)

Hold on, we’ve seen this before — the pigs who move into the farmer’s house in Orwell’s Animal Farm!  Nash and Green are merely ideological elites, slurping at Vermont’s unguarded trough!  (Vermonters had best check whether the United States Constitution is still scrawled on their barns!)

BIPOC interlopers with ideological sledgehammers think they hit the Mother Lode in Vermont, where a very tolerant populace IS silent while they are sheared to the bone by insensitive, deaf-eared bigots.  But these new bigots — of any color: both white and BIPOC abound — may find that they attract a whole new kind of gaze, as they insult and malign the indigenous population of rural Vermonters, black and white.  (Many black Vermonters, too, object to race-based public meetings.)  

This conduct in the oxymoronic name of “Inclusion” is anathema to Vermont, and America.  It is “systemic” (institutionalized) racism, plain to see.  It will be “tolerated” no more than any other overtly racist government action.

Vermont Legislator Uses House “Devotional” to Lambast White Vermonters

Vermont’s House of Representatives opens each session with a “daily devotion.”  Tuesday morning’s presentation (February 16) by Representative Harold “Hal” Colston was an outrageous condemnation of Vermont’s history and culture as racist.  This abused the very concept of devotion, and Vermonters.

The Vermont House Clerk’s “Guidelines for Devotions” provide that 

A devotional is an inclusive homily, life lesson, song, poem, prayer, reading, or musical piece appropriate to the setting…. The devotional helps to set the tone and allows a few moments for reflection and contemplation. The person… offering the devotional shall….  refrain from discussing individual political positions….

Incendiary Insult

Referencing the 1619 Project, Representative “Hal” launched into an overtly anti-white tirade.  Quoting James Baldwin, who Colston “ regard[s] as one of Black America’s most prolific prophets,” Colston proclaimed (in a state where slavery was never legal, and very few blacks ever resided):

What if the Negro was not invented? How would our country have worked without chattel slavery, the exploitation of black and brown people who became the backbone of our capitalistic system? Who would you be? Who would we be?…. Structural racism is the normalization of many dynamics that are historical, cultural, institutional and interpersonal and routinely advantages White people while producing chronic, adverse outcomes for people of color. 

Not all Vermont Legislators — let alone citizens — would view this rant to be “inclusive” of the Vermonters who died in the Civil War freeing blacks from slavery — this “historical and cultural omission” is suspicious.

What if a GOP Legislator took the floor, asking “Where would black people be without the white man?” He or she could then quote Thomas Sowell:

The people made worse off by slavery were those who were enslaved. Their descendants would have been worse off today if born in Africa instead of America. Put differently, the terrible fate of their ancestors benefitted them.

The black family survived centuries of slavery and generations of Jim Crow, but it has disintegrated in the wake of the liberals’ expansion of the welfare state.

That would set a different (non-racist) tone for the Vermont House….

Perverse Comparisons

Importing Brown’s Depression-era suffering in New York City to 2021 Vermont is more than anachronistic — it is alien; dishonest.  If Colston is to so reverently employ Baldwin, a prophet of doom and hate, is he also calling for violence against white people as Baldwin did?  Is he endorsing Baldwin’s blatant racism and anti-semitism?

Rep Colston should relate Baldwin’s words for Vermont’s Jews at a future devotional.  In his 1967 New York Times editorial “Negroes Are Anti-Semitic Because They Are Anti-White,” Baldwin spews out a laundry list of those he hates that shows an intense devotion indeed:

In the American context, the most ironical thing about Negro anti-Semitism is that the Negro is really condemning the Jew for having become an American white man–for having become, in effect, a Christian. The Jew profits from his status in America, and he must expect Negroes to distrust him for it. 

In the course of this raging justification for his racism, Baldwin condemns Jews for using the slaughter of 6,000,000 “as proof they cannot be bigots,” while suggesting that his invocation of slavery exempts him from bigotry.  But the hate is seething — against Jewish landlords, storekeepers, butchers, pawnbrokers, and shoe salesmen; against welfare workers, postal workers, policemen, unions, teachers, “all his bosses in the Army” — the list is long….

Concludes Baldwin:

The crisis taking place in the world, and in the minds and hearts of black men everywhere, is not produced by the star of David, but by the old, rugged Roman cross on which Christendom’s most celebrated Jew was murdered. And not by Jews.

Vermont’s Constitution (Section 3) provides (in part):

….every sect or denomination of christians ought to observe the sabbath or Lord’s day, and keep up some sort of religious worship, which to them shall seem most agreeable to the revealed will of God.

This language is quite at odds with Baldwin’s hateful rhetoric, just as Colston’s hateful shaming of his own constituents is completely at odds with the House Rules for Devotionals (and Vermont’s well-established Abolitionist history). 

Progressive Pattern

But Vermont’s Progressives run a tight, if oppressive, ship.  In February 3rd’s House devotional, a virtue-signalling Democrat perverted an MLK sermon into a hateful condemnation conveying the opposite of King’s message to inveigh against Vermonters:

So whether we agree or are aware or not, we are all, myself included, a part of a system of white supremacy that was fundamental to the birth of our constitutional government. If we were born in this country we were born into white supremacy. We have all been acculturated in it.

Two years ago, a Vermont pastor was banned from delivering devotionals in the Vermont Senate because he referenced a “right to life.”  Preaching hate and racist strife goes unchallenged; referencing the miracle of life is silenced. 

These Circus Devotionals are the ultimate bully pulpit on display.  Vermont’s thuggish Progressive supermajority religiously slanders its own constituents as white supremacist beneficiaries of “systemic racism.”  Is this the future of America?

Someone should take a knee….

And pray.

An Inequitable Effort at Equity: Vermont School Lunches Under COVID-19

When schools closed in Vermont, lunches were provided to students across the state — often by buses that delivered food instead of picking up children.  The rationale was that some students depended on school meals for nutritional needs: as the Department of Health and Agency of Education justified: “….the ongoing economic impacts of COVID-19 may mean that many more children are currently facing food insecurity at home.” (p. 31).  But this effort has been costly and inequitable — both financially and environmentally.

Overspending, inefficiencies, and unequal distribution of COVID funds are themselves “ongoing economic impacts” that will ensure food insecurity persists for our children. Part of the 35% COVID-fueled increase in the national debt has been caused by a floodgate of benefits created with borrowed funds.  “Normal” filters against fiscal abuse were set aside when COVID struck, using the “food insecurity” mantra.

Wasteful and Regressive…..

Huge waste has resulted, as seen in Vermont:

— School buses were used to deliver meals.  This was profoundly uneconomical, in both monetary and ecological terms.  Meals could have been delivered with light trucks or vans at about 17.5 MPG, instead of diesel-engined buses:

According to U.S. EPA, diesel exhaust from school buses contains pollutants that contribute to ozone formation, acid rain and global climate change. In addition, the fine particulate matter from diesel engines can cause lung damage, especially in children, and contributes to haze…. Buses are the safest way to get children to school, but they’re also fuel hogs that get only 4 to 6 miles per gallon.

— Eligibility requirements for meal assistance were abandoned. Meals have been provided at public expense to families with ample financial means to avert “food insecurity.  This is grossly inequitable, but not one word of criticism has been heard.

The emotional appeal of “feed the children” again eclipses critical thought.  The same government that seeks to mandate electric school buses to avert climate change, dispatched a fleet of diesel-fueled school buses to deliver lunches!  Was that in the best interests of children?  Employing the National Guard’s tanks would have been comparably efficient….

What’s Next?

Will Vermont deliver meals by school-bus on weekends?  (Why not? Some children may not have food security.)  Babysitters and therapists?  Vermont has moved to expand state subsidization of pre-school, and (last week) daycare.  The daycare bill provides for subsidies for those who earn 200% of the federal poverty guidelines: but there is no provision for funding: indeed, the laws are being proposed before anyone even knows what it will cost!

It is not heartless to ask how public services are to be efficiently and fairly provided — it is heartless not to — especially toward the children whose welfare is invoked to plunge their future economy into spiraling debt.  Regressive taxation hurts the poor, but Vermont’s progressive elites remain oblivious to math.

Vermont families with million-dollar incomes did not require free lunches during COVID.  Tracking eligibility would have been easy enough — tracking COVID was new, but income eligibility was already in place for federal meal programs.  Vermont’s busing guidelines said nothing of monitoring eligibility, though later the federal government created a nationwide waiver — there was never any effort to distribute these public services based on economic need.

Initially the feds said they were maintaining equity requirements:

USDA has clarified that students who do not live in area-eligible areas may only receive delivery of meals if they qualify for free and reduced meals. ….Some Vermont SFAs have planned to conduct delivery routes from area-eligible sites throughout their districts, to include either households or bus stops in non-area eligible locations. The new guidance from USDA is clear that when delivering to households in non-area eligible locations, only meals delivered to households who qualify for free and reduced meals may be claimed for reimbursement. 

Nevertheless, recommended procedures to collect names were not implemented. On March 29, a national waiver was implemented:

The waiver requires that the State agency must have a plan for ensuring that new meal sites are targeting benefits to children in need, for example, children who may be newly eligible for benefits due to the economic impacts of COVID-19…. The following is the state’s plan for ensuring that new meal sites utilizing the waiver are targeted to benefit children in need. 

(Though it is inscrutable how that is now achieved…. If at all).

This is not an issue of whether to feed children, but whether to feed them fairly.  Not about whether to use government to feed poor kids, but whether to use it to feed filthy rich ones.  Or perhaps about why citizens would entrust their financial future to any entity that used school buses to deliver meals — no business would even contemplate such absurd “policy.”

It would have been easy to continue managing meal distribution equitably.  Now part of each poor American child’s share of the national debt — and carbon footprint — is attributable to busing unneeded meals to the wealthy.  

No amount of good intentions can repave that road as fair… to the children.

“Vermont” BLM Poet Reveals Urban Disconnect

Vermont has been the new destination for carpetbagging BLM leftists looking to subjugate white people by shaming them.  Lost on these new arrivals is the stark contrast between urban metropoli and the backwoods of Vermont, resulting in extreme toxicity leveled at Vermonters.

One black “artist” named Rajnii Eddins moved to Vermont from L.A., to “educate” Vermonters about their culture:

The homogeneity has increased my awareness of the need to speak up about white supremacy and to hold space more intentionally for a myriad of underheard voices and narratives…. The land itself being the original home to the Abenaki people has often spoken to me in profound ways and being in nature I feel there is so much to be gained from the spirit that existed here prior to colonization and is still here.

This New Age fanaticism is all very nice, but grossly ignorant.  This guy entered a white area and immediately JUDGED that everyone there is racist — by virtue of being homogeneously white (he’d best not visit Poland!).   A person could hardly be more wrong about Vermont.  

Judging rural Vermonters…

This newly ruralized urbanite then applies his urban life to the Green Mountains, just as BLM activists used George Floyd’s inner city death to portray rural Vermont police as somehow complicit.  While emphasizing the importance of “having empathy,” Eddins’ poetry exhibits something quite different:

…Stop murdering us in cold blood

Stop kneeling with your knees on our necks for writing good or bad checks or whatever the excuse of the day is

Stop running up in our houses for fitting the description of your insane fear

Stop killing us while running or jogging or walking or standing or being

Stop threatening to have us killed when your comfort convenience or fake-ass concept of superiority is threatened.

Stop telling us to stop.

Do not pass go.

Go directly to jail or be killed….

Tell [your children] there is nothing superior about white

Tell them Black is divine

And that if you think everything is fine then you have already lost your mind.

Did this guy just get off the bus from Soweto?   Because not only is this not a picture of Vermont, but we have watched mobs of black people with bullhorns harassing white people in their houses.  Has there been a single case in Vermont of white people “running up in our houses for fitting the description of your insane fear?”   A single recorded Vermont case of a lynching or murder of a black person for racist motives, ever?  

Left-wing Disconnect….

Many liberals exalt Rajnii’s Malcolm X rhetoric, oblivious that it is built on a history re-write and a slanderous assault against an entire heritage and people

Rajnii’s tongue is ancestral, and his spirit is free. In the tradition of sacred word-warriors, he names the fallen and the martyrs with extraordinary grace and a humbling consciousness that manifest light in all directions. His fiery poems ration out eternal wisdoms that call forth simply a substitution of love for hate and a spiritual reckoning so that we all can breathe.

If that ain’t lipstick on swine, what on earth is?   Calling for murder and to jail people for blood caked on white Vermonters’ hands, is a “substitution of love for hate and a spiritual reckoning?”  OK — who smoked dog poop in their weed again?  If Vermonters have any blood “caked on their hands,” it is from a farming injury, or perhaps serving in the Civil War to abolish slavery. 

This toxic insanity arises from an ideology seething with contempt for the Bill of Rights.  Just as Vermont’s history is being turned upside down to comply with this newfangled “substitution of love over hate,” so too is the national effort to supplant the Constitution with this “new” and undefined kind of love — one in which race and identity are the dominant determiners of societal position; where wealth will be reallocated to achieve an impossible “equity”; where free speech will not be tolerated when it makes Left-leaning people uncomfortable.

Say Their Names….

If true Vermonters heard Rajnii, they’d be alarmed, and offended — not because they are clutching their purses, but because his toxic lies are an abuse of the privilege of living in the Green Mountain State.  Vermont is not free of racists (especially since Rajnii arrived), but it is NOT systemically racist, any more than America — our Constitution has evolved to oppose all systemic racism.  By definition it aspires toward equality.

BLM and the Far Left seek to exploit the scars of slavery to impose a new Orwellian racism, in the name of progress.  It is a Dark Path, and the words of BLM — and its poets — only thinly disguise the hate and anger that fester within.

If you think everything is fine with BLM, you have already lost your mind.  The United States Constitution can help you be well again.